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Prof. Fang chaired the 6th International Conference on Nanomanufacturing

Prof. Fang chaired the 6th International Conference on Nanomanufacturing

by MNMT-Dublin

The 6th International Conference on Nanomanufacturing (nanoMan2018) was held at Brunel University London, UK on July 4th-6th. Prof Fengzhou Fang as the conference chairman gave an introduction on nanoMan conference during the opening ceremony. Around 200 delegates from various countries attended the conference.

Prof. Peter O’Brien is Director of the European Photonics Packaging Pilot Line (PIXAPP) and head of the Photonics Packaging Group at the Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork. He is also Deputy Director of the SFI Center for Integrated Photonics (IPIC). His research group is a partner in 10 major EU-H2020 projects all focused on PIC technologies. Prof. O’Brien also leads the Packaging Working Group in the PIC World Technology Roadmap, which is an industry-led collaboration between Europe, the US and Asia.

Global trends towards miniaturisation of components, devices and systems open up many new fields in nanomanufacturing. This encompasses the synthesis of nanomaterials, fabrication of devices, nanofeatures for various products and systems, process monitoring and quality control, simulations, characterization methods and applications of nanoscience and nanotechnologies. nanoMan2018 aims to bring together academia, research institutions and relevant industries to promote the sharing of ideas and foster research & development collaborations in relevant areas.

The serial nanoMan conference has become one of the leading international events and the only global conference in nanomanufactuirng for experts to exchange the latest developments, research findings and visions in the field of nanomanufacturing. It was started in 2008 and is held every two years in different locations in the world.

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