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Bio-medical Device Manufacturing

  • medical device development

  • medical implants machining

  • intraocular lens & contact lens design

Bio-medical Device Manufacturing

Research projects undertaken within Bio-medical Device Manufacturing include:

  • Bioimplants

  • Diamond Turning

  • On-line Measurement

  • Freeform Surfaces

  • White Light Interferometry

  • Fringe Analysis Algorithm

  • Artificial Joints

  • Freeform Optics

  • Precision Grinding

  • Error Compensation

  • Micro Electroforming

  • Implantology

  • Abrasive Jet Machining

  • Solid Particles Erosion

  • Surface Roughness

  • Surface Integrity

  • Tribological Test

  • Micro/nano Texture

  • Functional Surface Coating

Published on 10th October 2019

Precision Micro Electroforming for the Fabrication of Micro/nanostructured and High-performance Mould Inserts

Honggang Zhang


Milling of Micro Structures for Bio Applications

Lorcan O'Toole

Pulsed Laser Deposition for Biomedical Implant Coating

Tianyu Mao

Novel biopolymer synthesis and development

Dr. Christopher Musgrave

Micro-blasting Process Development on Surface Texturing for Bioimplants

Ruslan Melentiev

Investigation on the Tribological Performance of Artificial Joints

Gang Shen

Precision Grinding of Complex Surfaces

Dr. Guangpeng Yan
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