Nan Yu


Precision Manufacturing

  • machining process

  • monitoring & automation

  • measurement & evaluation

Ultrasonic Vibration-assisted Machining

Nan Yu


  • Ultrasonic Vibration Cutting

  • FEA

  • Control system

  • IOLs manufacturing


With the use of ultrasonic assisted ultraprecise diamond cutting, optical surface finish can be achieved in hardened steel for high performance mould inserts or even glass substrates and infrared materials. The proposed Ultrasonic Vibration Cutting (UVC) system contains ultrasonic generator, horn, transducer, cutting tool and the fixture (clamping device) etc. This research paper will be focused on the design of the ultrasonic horn and the selection of the transducer. Three-dimensional vibration design is developed through the FEA model. The prototype of an UVC system was manufactured for the bench test. The optimization strategy is summarized for the future work. 

The development of software platform for experimental data acquisition and control signal generation is presented in this project. The presented methodology is hoped to be an efficient diamond cutting technique resulting in a significant reduction of cutting forces and tool wear, improvement of surface quality, and massive extension of tool life.


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