Ruslan Melentiev


Bio-medical Device Manufacturing

  • medical device development

  • medical implants machining

  • implant intraocular lens

  • contact lens design

Micro-blasting Process Development on Surface Texturing for Bioimplants

Ruslan Melentiev


  • Abrasive jet machining

  • Solid particles erosion

  • Surface roughness

  • Surface integrity


It is an interdisciplinary project (Mechanical Eng. - Surface Eng. - Biomedical Eng.) which utilized the concepts of fluid mechanics, continuum mechanics, fracture mechanics, heat transfer, chemisorption, adhesion and wettability theories and statistical methods for the purpose of surface functionalization by using the process of micro-abrasive jet machining (μ-AJM).


The project highlights the influence of μ-AJM process parameters on various aspects of surface integrity, such as surface morphology, topography, microstructure, chemistry, wettability, and tribological performance of biomedical alloys, etc. The goal of the project is to build a bridge between academic achievements in tribology/surface engineering and mass production of a new generation of orthopaedic prostheses in bio-medical industry.


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