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MNMT-Dublin Symposium is a series of events on latest developments of design, manufacturing, metrology, and applications in bio-medical, photonic, optic, and relevant areas organized by UCD Centre of Micro/nano Manufacturing Technology since 2016.


Prof. Chris Dainty

Professor Dainty's research interests are in optical imaging, scattering and propagation. In these areas he has published books: 'Scattering in Volumes and Surfaces' (1989, co-edited with M Nieto-Vesperinas), 'Laser Speckle and Related Phenomena' (1975, 2nd Ed. 1984, editor) and 'Image Science' (1974) which he co-authored with Rodney Shaw. His past research interests are adaptive optics, vision science, scattering, atmospheric propagation, polarisation and partially coherent imaging. His current interests are focussed in imaging and metrology, especially in the eye.

MNMT-Dublin Symposium VIII: Fundamental Limits of Mobile Phone Cameras

Prof Chris Dainty was invited to give a lecture at the series of MNMT-Dublin Symposium on Fundamental Limits of Mobile Phone Cameras on 13th May. The fundamental laws of physics limit were presented in detail. These laws act against the marketing-driven aspiration for thinner and thinner camera modules. From this talk, the lens diameter, D, was emphasized as the most important factor to limit the cameras development of mobile phones.

MNMT-Dublin Symposium VIII: Fundamental Limits of Mobile Phone Cameras

Chris Dainty is a consultant with FotoNation in Galway, Ireland, and holds Emeritus Professor appointments at universities in the UK and Ireland. Throughout his career, he has investigated problems in optical imaging, scattering and propagation. In these areas, he has co-authored or edited six books, including "Image Science" co- authored with Rodney Shaw in 1974. He is a recipient of the International Commission for Optics Prize, IoP’s Thomas Young Medal and Prize, OSA’s C.E.K. Mees Medal and OSA's Leadership Award. He is a fellow of the Optical Society, SPIE, the Institute of Physics, and the European Optical Society and a member of the Royal Irish Academy. He was President of the Optical Society (OSA) in 2011.

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