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MNMT-Dublin Celebrates 2019 Christmas

MNMT-Dublin Celebrates 2019 Christmas


MNMT-Dublin celebrated this year's christmas party with amazing foods and events. The dinner party was arranged at THE DROPPING WELL pub at 6:30 pm on the 12th of December with a splendid choice of food menu. The Secret Santa game was amazing which created happiness and strengthened the bond among the MNMT family.

The live music at the party put forth a charming atmosphere and the feel of Christmas. MNMT members showcased their talents by singing and playing guitar. Special chocolate gift from Prof. Fang added sweetness to the event. 

Overall, the event made us to realise that the MNMT family is always together and can achieve greater heights and be the number one research centre in the world with a peaceful and joyful research atmosphere. We all look forward to the next Christmas party. 

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