Funding Options

At MNMT, you can get funding support to access our resources and expertise in order to address a problem or explore an opportunity for your business.

Our team can help you explore business opportunities or examine challenges you may be facing. We can also help identify funding options for your organisation and help you to apply.

Direct Funded

Direct funding is the best option for companies who want a quick start on their project. The organization pays MNMT for the cost of the project directly and owns any intellectual property generated from the project. Find out about the services we offer from our website or contact

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers are a source of funding for SMEs to finance an initial €5K project. Your company pays only the VAT for the project (€1,150) and any intellectual property created during the project is owned by your company.

Many SMEs believe they lack the resources or expertise to invest in R&D to drive growth. Enterprise Ireland aims to change that with their Innovation Voucher scheme. Even small companies can benefit from R&D with an Innovation Voucher from Enterprise Ireland.

With an Innovation Voucher, your organisation receives funding to work with MNMT. We then complete a project on your behalf that helps you develop, deploy or better understand technology in learning.

We help companies identify funding options and support them in applying. Our aim is to maximise the funding you receive and minimise the paperwork you need to complete. To find out what funding may be available for your organisation, register your interest in Funding today using this form.

What is an Innovation Voucher?

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers encourage links between small and medium-sized enterprises and Irish higher education institutions.

Companies can apply for a €5K voucher from Enterprise Ireland to access R&D expertise in universities and other knowledge providers.

Do you lack resources and expertise to drive growth through innovation?
Overcome a lack of time, or expertise, and engage in research and development (R&D) with our learning designers, expert technologists, user experience practitioners, and business strategists. Even small companies can benefit from R&D with an Innovation Voucher from Enterprise Ireland. We can help you develop, deploy or better understand technology in learning.

How does it work?

You apply for a €5K voucher from Enterprise Ireland to explore a business challenge or opportunity. You choose an Irish higher education institution, such as MNMT. We complete €5K worth of R&D on your behalf to help you solve EdTech and eLearning challenges, or explore an opportunity to innovate with learning technologies. You own any IP generated by the project.

How much does it cost?

Enterprise Ireland gives you €5K funding to spend on R&D services with a public knowledge provider. The only contribution your company makes is a VAT payment of €1,150, which you may reclaim.

What can I use a voucher for?

Innovation Voucher projects generally align with the areas below but we can let you know if another idea may work within the Innovation Voucher scheme:

  • New product development

  • New business model development

New service development
Manufacturing R and D
Project Scoping
Leveraging technology
Am I eligible?

You may be eligible to apply if your company is:

  • for-profit

  • small or medium-sized

  • limited

  • registered in Ireland

We will help you apply and check your eligibility.
Not ready yet?

You can apply and delay beginning the project until you're ready. Innovation Vouchers can be exchanged at any time within a year of receiving it. You can also apply for alternative funding supports throughout the year. Talk to us and we'll help you identify the best funding options for your company.

For more information, see Enterprise Ireland.

Can I receive additional funding?

Yes! Upon completion of a successful Innovation Voucher project, you may be eligible to apply for additional funding with Learnovate and Enterprise Ireland. 

IDA Ireland Innovation Vouchers

IDA Ireland Innovation Vouchers are available to companies with an Irish presence of fewer than 200 people, who want to research a new product or process with MNMT. The voucher value is €5k.

With an Innovation Voucher from IDA Ireland, your organisation receives funding to work with a knowledge provider like University College Dublin.  MNMT Centre is a research center in University College Dublin focused on Micro and Nano research and manufactoring so your company can 'spend' your voucher with us and we complete a project on your behalf that helps you solve challenges or explore opportunities in your organisation.

We will help you identify funding options and support you in applying. We can help maximise your funding and minimise the paperwork. To find out what funding may be available for your organisation, Register your Interest in Funding.

What is an Innovation Voucher?

Small multinational companies can apply for a €5K voucher from IDA Ireland to access R&D expertise in universities and other knowledge providers. A small multinational is a company with an Irish base of 250 people (full-time equivalents) or less.

How can I use an Innovation Voucher?

Vouchers are often used for new product or process development; new business model development, new service delivery model or new service development model, or tailored training in innovation management. Deliverables may include reports, drawings, technical specifications, technology roadmaps, rough product or process prototypes or the results of specific analysis.

If you have an idea for a project, complete the Register your Interest form at the bottom of this page to find out if you can receive funding to complete it.

How do I apply?

We will support you in your application for funding. Complete the Register your Interest form and we will contact you to discuss the next steps.
For more information, visit IDA Ireland.

 Innovation Partnerships

Enterprise Ireland's Innovation Partnership Programme encourages Irish-based companies to access the expertise and resources of universities to develop new and improved products, processes and services. Innovation Partnerships cover up to 80 per cent of project costs. Intellectual property created through the project will be owned by MNMT with the applicant company guaranteed a license to the technology, agreed upfront.

If you are already supported by Enterprise Ireland or IDA Ireland, you may be eligible to participate.

H2020 EU Funding

European-funded support which comes in many streams. Typically Horizon 2020 support involves a number of partners (both companies and academic institutions) from across Europe. Projects are usually large scale and some funding is required from the applicant company.

In addition to our Enterprise Ireland funded core research program, MNMT actively participates in competitively funded research projects such as those funded through the EU Horizon 2020 program. This allows MNMT to apply its expertise in learning technology to new problems and contexts while working with the best international researchers and companies from a diverse range of backgrounds.

The knowledge and expertise developed through participation in these projects can be applied by MNMTas part of the industry focused core research program, allowing our members to take full advantage of the latest research in the field.

Interested in participating in a H2020 funded project? See calls for proposals from our website.

Commercialisation Fund Programme: Commercial case feasibility grant

The aim of the Commercialisation Fund Programme is to improve the competitiveness of the Irish economy through the creation of technology based start-up companies and the transfer of innovations, developed in Higher Education Institutions and Research Performing Organisations, to industry in Ireland. 

Enterprise Ireland recognises the excellence in applied research in the Higher Education sector and the need for business development expertise to complement researchers’ technical expertise, to develop strong commercialisation strategies for innovations.

Commercial Case Feasibility Support is a funding support which can be obtained by researchers, in partnership with their Technology Transfer or equivalent office, for a short Feasibility Project (up to 3 months) to scope and develop the commercial case for their innovation.

Researchers who have not had funding previously from the Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund Programme are particularly encouraged to consider this support.

Support is provided to assist the project team to:

  • Perform Market analysis and validation

  • Profile the competitor landscape

  • Perform Patent landscaping and develop the IP strategy

  • Investigate potential routes to exploitation to the economic benefit of Ireland

  • Understand relevant regulatory issues or other barriers/hurdles to commercialisation

  • Create a small demonstration or early prototype

At the end of the Feasibility Project it is expected that the researcher will progress to submitting an application for a research project to the Commercialisation Fund.


Am I eligible?

Researchers in third level institutions and non-profit research agencies/organisations in the Republic of Ireland are eligible to apply.


Maximum funding level

Awards for Commercial case feasibility projects will typically be €10,000 to €15,000.


How to apply

An online application system is available for application preparation and submission.

  • For optimum use of the online system, use one of following browsers - Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox (two most recent versions), and Chrome (two most recent versions). Safari is also supported (iOS devices including iPAD and iPhone are not supported).

  • Disable Pop-up blocker on your computer.

Download and follow the Getting Started Guide for Applicants. To use the online system, an applicant must:

  • Have a valid institutional email address.

  • For new users of the on-line system-Register on the system to create an account and obtain a password.

  • Login to the system and go to ‘Create New Application’ under the Commercial Case Feasibility Support Open Call.

Before commencing the application online, the applicant must consult:

  • a relevant Technology Transfer office case manager or equivalent in your institution;

  • a relevant Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Specialist;

  • they must agree to be advisors on the application.

More details can be found from Enterprise Ireland.