Freeform Optics

Design & Manufacturing

  • spheric & freeform optical system design

  • machining and metrology

Freeform Optics Design & Manufacturing

Research projects undertaken within Optical Freeform Manufacturing include:

  • Human Eye Modelling

  • Myopia Control

  • Contact Lens Design

  • Freeform Optics

  • Optical See-through Display

  • Geometrical Waveguide

  • Selective Laser Melting

  • Waveform Aberration

  • Optometry

  • Optical Design

  • Visual Optics

  • Image Quality 

Freeform Surface Machining and Tool Path Planning


Precision Grinding of Complex Surfaces


Post Treatment for Selective Laser Melting Parts

Design of Intraocular Lens 

Design and Simulation of Geometrical Waveguide

Customised Contact Lens Design for Myopia Control

Measurement of Peripheral Aberration of Human Eye

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