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Dongxu Wu


Bio-medical Device Manufacturing

  • medical device development

  • medical implants machining

  • implant intraocular lens

  • contact lens design


Ultra-precision Manufacturing and Measurement for Biomedical Applications

Dongxu Wu


  • diamond turning

  • on-line measurement

  • freeform surface

  • white light interferometry

  • fringe analysis algorithm


Freeform surfaces can be defined as surfaces with no axis of rotational invariance and may appear to have an arbitrary shape, and regular or irregular surface structures. Ultra-precision freeform surface possesses sub-micrometric form accuracy and nanometric surface finish. As freeform components can offer the advantages of higher optical quality, more comfortable visual experience, smaller optical systems, lower cost of imaging and display instruments, freeform components have played an increasingly significant role in the fields of new energy, illumination, aerospace, and biomedical implants. However, due to the geometry complexity and high-precision requirement, there are still many challenges for the manufacturing and measurement of freeform components. 


This research is focused on the development of on-line surface micro-topography measurement and tool wear monitoring system in ultra-precision machining of freeform components. The optical properties of the machined surface are investigated at the nanoscale.  The mapping relationship between surface topography and interference characteristics under different tool wear conditions is established. A multi-wavelength interferometer and fringe analysis algorithms are developed to perform non-contact on-line measurement for manufacturing the freeform components.


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