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Gang Shen


Bio-medical Device Manufacturing

  • medical device development

  • medical implants machining

  • implant intraocular lens

  • contact lens design


Investigation on the Tribological Performance of Artificial Joints

Gang Shen


  • Artificial joints

  • tribological test

  • longevity

  • texture

  • surface finish


From literature works, it is generally believed that polymer wear debris is the main attributor to the relatively short lifespan of current orthopedic products. Thus, my research topic is to improve its tribology properties by surface design. After analyzing the wear mechanisms of bioimplants, I choose surface roughness and texture patterns as my research focus, both of which are believed to affect lubricating properties.


In terms of texture pattern, three wear mechanisms play a role in improving tribological performance: Reserving lubricant, trapping wear particles, and providing hydrodynamic pressure. Thus, a comprehensive study will be carried out to study the texture shape, size, and distribution.


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