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John O'Hara


Micro/Nano Manufacturing

  • micro/nano features fabrication

  • fundamentals study

  • new process development

  • process monitoring and automation

  • measurement and evaluation

  • devices and equipment


Development of High Precision Micro-cutting Tool and Associated Technologies for the Machining of Hard-to-cut Materials

John O'Hara


  • Precision machining

  • fabrication

  • cutting mechanics


Development of a new type of high precision micro cutting tool and associated technologies for the machining of hard to cut materials for industrial applications. This research involves in-depth analysis of material properties and processes, experimental fabrication methods, microcutting mechanics and simulation studies, along with novel methods to improve surface finish, form accuracy and reduce tool wear.


Research key points:

•    Development of new superior micro cutting tool for hard to machine materials
•    Improve process technology performance and productivity through reduced tool wear
•    Improve surface quality, precision and accuracy 
•    Modular tool design with robust reproducible fabrication methods
•    Better metrology and adaptive intelligent technology 
•  Advance fundamental knowledge in the understanding of microscopic interaction of brittle materials
•    Deterministic precision engineering through holistic machine design approach 


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