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Nan Zhang


Micro/Nano Manufacturing

  • micro/nano features fabrication

  • fundamentals study

  • new process development

  • process monitoring and automation

  • measurement and evaluation

  • devices and equipment


Polymer Micro/nano Manufacturing Technology

Nan Zhang


Plastic Microfluidics 

  • fabrication of micro/nano mould tools

  • precision replication 

  •  back-end process development  

Functional Surface & Medical Device

  • Design-functionality relationship of functional surfaces

  • Fabrication process chain development

  • Multi-sacle tools fabrication

  • Precision replciation

  • Functional validation and test

  • & much more


My research includes:

  • Fabrication of precision micro/nano scale mould tools for mass production 


  • Precision replication of micro/nano features and complex form


  • Development of plastic microfluidics, functional surface and miniature medical device 


  • Atomic and close-to-atomic scale manufacturing


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