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Yanbo Zhao


Optical Freeform Manufacturing

  • aspheric & freeform optical system design

  • machining and metrology


Measurement of Peripheral Aberration of Human Eye

Yanbo Zhao


  • Wavefront aberration

  • Optometry

  • Optical design

  • Visual optics


It has been nearly 50 years, since the first glimpse of the relation between myopia and the peripheral refractive errors. According to the experiments on both animals and humans, the eyes with hyperopic peripheral vision seem to be at higher risk of developing myopia than those with myopic peripheral refractive errors.


Though the first-time measurement of peripheral refraction was achieved by using a modified manual optometer more than 80 years ago, the concept of emmetropization triggered a rapidly-increased number of studies on peripheral aberrations since 2000. With the development of peripheral aberrations measuring techniques, not only the horizontal off-axis aberrations, but also the meridional aberrations are measured by researchers.


As a key link in the design of new generation customized contact lenses, peripheral aberration measurement should be further developed. A fast, high- angle resolution, globally-measuring aberrometer is needed. Therefore, My work focuses on the design of a novel aberrometer and the measurement of on-axis and peripheral aberration.


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