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Zhipeng Li


Precision Manufacturing

  • machining process

  • monitoring & automation

  • measurement & evaluation


Subsurface Damage Formation Mechanism

Zhipeng Li


  • Grinding

  • Subsurface damage

  • Strain

  • Temperature

  • Phase transformation


To date, Co-Cr-Mo alloy has become the most commonly used metal material, specially to the artificial prosthesis. However, the subsurface damages are inevitable induced in the grinding process. Such damages could modify the mechanical and physical properties of Co-Cr-Mo alloy, leading the bearing surface prone to fracture or abrasion.


Therefore, the research work focus on the investigation of Co-Cr-Mo alloys subsurface damage formation mechanism in grinding process. In the final, the subsurface damage layer patterns and thickness could be controlled by optimizing the grinding parameters, which will prolong the service life of prosthesis.


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