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MNMT-Dublin Symposium

MNMT-Dublin Symposium is a series of events on latest developments of design, manufacturing, metrology, and applications in bio-medical, photonic, optic, and relevant areas organized by UCD Centre of Micro/nano Manufacturing Technology since 2016.



Prof. Kenneth Stanton

- Senior Lecturer: 2014 to present - Graduate School Director, College of Engineering and Architecture: 2015 to present - Head of Subject, Materials Science and Engineering: 2015 to present - Programme Director, ME Materials Science and Engineering - Programme Director, MEngSc Materials Science and Engineering

MNMT-Dublin Symposium III: Biomaterials Research

Prof. Kenneth Stanton from the UCD School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering delivered a lecture on his work in biomaterials on August 7th, which has spanned over twenty years. The lecture described several examples of biomaterials development and their applications. Specific topics included work on functional biomaterials, including calcium-phosphates and related glass-ceramics, nano-functionality of biomaterials, coating processes for metallic orthopedic implants, dental glass-ceramics and physico-chemical analysis of effects of processing on titanium alloys.

MNMT-Dublin Symposium III: Biomaterials Research

Prof. Stanton is the Programme Director for MEngSc and ME programmes in MSE at the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. He is also Head of Subject for MSE at UCD and has been the Graduate School Director for the College of Engineering and Architecture since 2014. His diverse research interests include, biomaterials, space materials, nanomaterials and industrial materials. Ceramic, glass and glass-ceramic inorganic materials are a central theme for his research.

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